Women can do everything…but the tug-of-war of work-life balance can present many challenges. This balance may include career goals, relationships, marriage, childbirth…the list goes on. When physical injury or discomfort is added to the list, our self care often gets placed on the back burner. Most women feel like they don’t have time to care for themselves. A question I frequently hear is, “When can I get some MEE TIME?”

MEE Time Home Physical Therapy for Women is here to help and was created for women on the go. No more finding a babysitter. No more transporting all the gear that comes along with a baby and/or toddler just to get to an appointment. No more travelling to and from appointments. No more parking hassles. MEE Time offers physical therapy care in the comfort of your own home. There is also an added option to receive care in my home office, on Chicago’s northside, if you are someone that would prefer to minimize home distractions. It’s up to you! It’s time to focus on YOU! Isn’t it about time you had some “MEE Time”?!?!